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We've put together an InteX knife bundle - packed it in a sexy looking box, reduced the price so can try InteX for yourself and save money at the same time.

The bundle contains the following joint and taping knives: 

  • J2280. 4" Joint Knife. £6.11
  • J2290. 5" Joint Knife. £6.91
  • J2300. 6" Joint Knife. £7.76
  • TKM08S. 8" Taping Knife. £11.89
  • TKM10S. 10" Taping Knife. £12.90
  • TKM12S. 12" Taping Knife. £14.28
  • Sexy looking box! 

Usual price - £59.85 INC VAT

Bundle price £38.40 INC VAT

You save £21.45

Click on the image to view the deal. 

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