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FAQ - Need Help? Look Here

Are you new here? Confused by anything you see?

Here are a few of our common questions, hopefully they'll help you out.

Why is shipping so expensive? 

You may be used to paying £5 to have a small box delivered from eBay (in the back of a Mini) but unfortunately for Profilestore most couriers will not deliver items that are over 3 metres in length or weigh over 30 kg, which applies to most of our orders. Hence the price. We do offer free shipping over £125 (with limitations) and you are more than welcome to come and collect from us if that is easier for you. 

Why am I being charged a surcharge on a 'free delivery'

When you enter your postcode our site looks up the cost and charges it directly to you. We do not make money on the shipping and we are aware it is expensive. However, our courier charges us a surcharge to deliver to some places in the UK (these places can be seen on our delivery and returns pages). This amount can be a large sum in some cases so we decided we would always pass it on, even on a 'free' delivery.  

Minimum Order Value

This is currently set to £8 EX VAT & EX Shipping. On orders that are delivered.

There is no minimum value on orders that are collected from Profilestore.

It is not cost effective for us to process any orders under this value.


If you are uncertain about any item you are more than welcome to ask for a sample. Most of our PVC products are available in 15cm samples, which we can post via Royal Mail.  Most samples are free, but if you require a lot you'll be asked to cover some costs. Please email us with your sample requirements. 

Do we offer discount or 30 day terms?

We only offer discount on bulk / large / massive orders - or end of line products (again in bulk purchase). You can pay via credit card / debit card or PayPal on the website; we do not offer any buy now / pay later credit terms. 

Can I place an order over the phone? 

We do not take orders over the phone, this is simply because it is quicker and safer for you to do it via the website. Please do not worry about your details, the website will not ask for any private information apart from your name / address and we don't sell your details to any other company either. If you are unsure how to place an order via the website call us, we can talk you through it. It's really easy! 

Is the product in stock?

Most of our products will have this below them:


This shows the item is in stock and ready to purchase, the amount in stock is shown ABOVE the price.  

The stock levels are updated ever hour so are always accurate.

However, if you see this:


the item is out of stock. Clicking this button will allow you to enter your email address, Profilestore will email you within minutes of the stock being added (stock is added daily). You can then place your order. 

Do I have to buy boxes of items?

Most of our stock is sold in single lengths. There are a few items sold in boxes - this is to minimise damage during shipping. Always remember you will get free shipping when you get to £125!

Where can I get an invoice for my order?

All our orders ship with a printed copy of the invoice. We also would ask customers to register with us when placing the order as it has several benefits. The ability to download an invoice at a later date is just one of them.  They appear on the order page and can be downloaded / printed from any place or device in PDF format.  

Do you have any special offers? 

We have a sale section where items are sold virtually at cost price AND we also run monthly offers. We post details of them on our Facebook page. If you visit Facebook and give our page a like, you'll be able to see them. 

We also have a bundles / bulk buys page where we sell larger amounts and apply a discount to them. If you would like us to add a bulk buy item to the site for you, please contact us

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How do collections work

Simply place the order as usual, select collect from Profilestore as a shipping option. You'll get an email (phone call) to say your item is ready for collection (usually within an hour). PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER AND WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION BEFORE COMING TO COLLECT IT!