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Have you been to a local sandwich shop and been given a bag with our name on it?

Something like this:

fancy a discount on an order with Profilestore? Find one of these bags and use it!

If you bring that bag in to us. we'll give you £3.00 (EX VAT) off any order over £30. That should be enough for you to buy the sarnie again!

Important Stuff

  • This offer ends at end of February 2024.
  • We'll give you the discount every time you bring a bag in and spend a minimum of £30 at our trade counter.
  • We do not need the sandwich in the bag, just the bag will do! Preferable in semi good condition.
  • If we suspect something dodgy is going on, we reserve the right to refuse to offer the discount!

"Where can I find this glorious price saving bag?" I hear you cry. Certainly places near us on Hoo Farm Industrial in Kidderminster will have them, also AJ's cafe in Kidderminster may also have the odd bag! The rest - well you'll just have to hunt harder.